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Theresa Graham 

  • Theresa Graham - Aka Terri, has been living in Las Vegas since 1990.  She came here via Southern California.  Though her family hails from Michigan, she considers herself a Southern Cal girl!
  • Terri started modeling as well as doing TV and radio work back in Southern California, where she received an AA degree in Telecommunications.  She’s spent time behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera.
  • Terri has done it all from grip, run sound boards, set up and break down remote camera shoots, run cameras, directed, TD, wrote commercials, acted in them, did voice-overs and tags for promos, PSA’s and station breaks, co-hosted a weekly music show.  She is involved with Media Guilds International and The Vegas Voice Actors doing comedy, drama, and hosting and co-hosting, for the live weekly radio show.

  • Some of her on camera credits include being an extra in a music video, the main actor in a weight loss commercial for TV and radio, and an extra on a local film, “Guard Dog”.  Terri also has 20 years experience in speaking in front of adults and children - Improv if you will - as a teacher leader, teacher trainer and presenter. She is versatile and always up for a challenge!

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