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Kosta Bakalas

  • Kosta Bakalas grew up in Columbus, Ohio and graduated with a degree in Engineering and Business.
    From a very young age he has been “on stage” as a singer, songwriter and actor in various high school performances and before live audiences.  Throughout the years, Kosta has honed his skills for effective public speaking through personal study and practical day-to-day application.  He completed several singing tutorials under the direction of Laura Manning, an accomplished and talented singer, songwriter and playwright.  Ms. Manning casted Kosta in her musical “The Animals Christmas” where he had a speaking and singing role.  In the past, Kosta studied under the direction of John Armond.

  • Mr. Armond affectionately named Kosta “The Voice” and rightfully so due to his involvement with MGI having done several PSA’s and comedy skits for radio.  He had the privilege of working in such movies as “Behind the Candelabra”, “Ironman” and “Les Infideles” just to name a few.

  • Currently, Kosta works closely with Ms. Lougaris on her upcoming documentary in honor of her father, Ioannis A. Lougaris, the founder of the V.A. Hospital in Reno, NV.  He had a role in the movie “The American Dream” written and produced by Betty Lougaris.

  • In 2012, Kosta joined Media Guilds International to help further develop his voice-over and acting aspirations and feel his dreams of utilizing his God given talents are finally becoming a long awaited career reality.  As a group, we had the honor and privilege to be directed by the great director Don Lewis Barnhart while working on several scripts that Ms. Lougaris and her son Mark Soldo had written.  I re-filmed the skit now titled “The (very) Last Audition” as a 12 minute short film at Dark Water Studios and directed by Mr. Barnhart.  This short film can be viewed on YouTube by typing in the title.

  • In 2014, Kosta directed The Wraughtman Portrait, also found on YouTube, for the 48 Hour Film Festival.  He had the opportunity to work with Joe Sacco of Joe Sacco Productions on this endeavor.

  • During his tenure with MGI, Kosta was elected by the group to be the President of Media Guilds International from 2013 to 2014 and strived to bring about more visibility to the organization.  Towards the end of 2013, Kosta assisted Ms. Lougaris in bringing about a radio show that continues to this day on KLAV 1230AM through

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