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John Duck

  • To say that John Duck is a man of many talents would be an understatement.

    John was inducted into the Nevada Broadcaster’s Hall Of Fame in 2014. He is a voice-over and on-camera artist, independent inventor, advanced closer, published author, manufacturer, guitar player, finder of lost children, casino and riverboat gambler and radio show host.
  • He is the creator of “Dr. Ducks Guitar Prescription Radio Show”, which currently airs every Sunday evening 9pm (PST) at and KUNV 91.5 FM, Las Vegas.

    As well as an accomplished guitar player, he is also the inventor of Dr. Ducks Ax Wax & String Lube musical instrument polish, and The All Wooden Guitar Neck Support Rest, and The Power String Winder Attachment.

    His credits as a “published author” include The Musicians Copyright Notebook Kit, Dial A Note - Dial Harmony, The Practical Chord and Fret board Chart Series and the Dial A Chord - Dial A Progression Series

    If that wasn’t enough, he is also instrumental in pioneering the recycling of antifreeze with the ARU Antifreeze Recycling Unit, ARU-2000 Clear All Finishing Attachment, ARU All Spec Antifreeze Recycling Fortifier, ARU Flocking Agent and The Fast Flush Coolant Changer,

    To his many voice – over credits, he was announcer for Downtown Las Vegas Nevada's Fremont Street Experiences Viva Vision- The Worlds Largest Light Show and the voice of the “Howdy Pardner Vegas Vic”, 75 foot Waving Cowboy neon sign in downtown Las Vegas.

    He is a member of “The Vegas Voice Actors”, served as president of “Media Guilds International” for two terms and is a long time member of the organization. His voice-over skills are second to none. His on and off camera talents, and numerous voice characters range from extremely serious to hysterical as shown in his demos below.

    John “Dr. Duck” Duck CAN NOW BE HIRED to do all of your voice over/voice acting/narration work, for movies, videos, radio spots, cartoons, video games, answering machine messages, on-hold messages, local and global advertising, as well as any other vocal/voice over/voice acting needs for all media.

    His hobbies include: body surfing, swimming, shooting, playing live poker, betting horse races, and fishing.

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