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Media Guilds International:

Voice overs are performed by actors using only their voice.  A voice-over is heard anytime you hear a pre-recorded script without seeing an actor.  Voice-overs range from cartoon character voices for animation, radio and TV commercials, radio interviews, audio narrations for documentaries, medical and educational films, motivational videos or films, travel programs, telephone message recordings, theme park ride directions, and in-store promotional recordings or where-ever vocal directions are used.   

The following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding voice-over work and Media Guilds International.  If you have a question that is not addressed here, feel free to contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

- What is voice over?

- How do I get started as a voice-over artist?

- Can people make a living as a voice-over artist?

- People tell me I have a great voice.  Should I become a voice-over artist?

Having a great voice does not guarantee that you will be successful in the voice-over industry.  Producers and directors are not only looking for great voices, but often specific vocal styles and vocal quality.  It is important to learn the marketing techniques needed to advance your career.  You’ll never know until you try! 

While some voice actors earn top money, a very small percentage of voice-over artists make a fulltime living at their craft.  Many artists however, work very successfully part-time, or on a project to project basis.  As mentioned before, persistence and marketing is extremely important.  (Don’t quit your day job - just yet!)

As in any profession, the first step is to develop your skills and vocal quality through professional guidance and training with group classes or private lessons.  As your skills develop, the next step is to promote yourself as a voice-over artist.  This is normally done by recording a CD demo of your vocal talents and distributing them to agencies, production companies, radio stations that are hiring, and casting for voice-over talent.

- What should be on a good demo CD?

A quality demo CD should reflect your BEST vocal qualities and stylings.  The number of tracks recorded can vary and a compilation track should be created out of small cuts from each track.

- Do I need to have an agent or join a union?

Voice-over artists who work on a fulltime basis have agents and unions.  If you are just starting out in the industry, having either could limit your ability to get work in the industry.

- What is Media Guilds International?

Media Guilds International (MGI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping voice-over artists get started in the voice-over industry.  Members consist of people from all walks to life and backgrounds. The actors who are members of MGI advance their skills through special voice-over projects, such as our weekly radio broadcast on Vegas All Net Radio.

Membership in MGI has many benefits.  Please refer to the MGI membership page for further details.

- How do I join MGI?

- How can MGI help me a a voice-over artist?

MGI helps voice-over artists in several ways from training to promotion.  MGI also offers weekly workshops for artists to continue developing their skills and techniques as voice-over artists.  All members have the opportunity to post their demo and bio as part of the MGI talent pool section of the official MGI website, making their talents and works easily accessible to casting directors searching for new talent.  Member demos are also included in the talent pool compilation CD distributed to agencies requesting voice-over talent samples.  On our weekly radio broadcast on Vegas All Net Radio self-productions, members also have the rare opportunity and support to develop their voice-over skills and talents.  MGI also does not restrict members from getting work outside of MGI.