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Las Vegas, Nevada

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Beth Toy 

  • Beth Toy has been interested in music, songwriting, and entertaining all of her life.  Even as a small child, she would make up little songs to sing, and she and her friends would put on little shows for their parents and grandparents in Beth’s basement in Chicago.

    As a teenager, Beth joined a few different bands as the singer and guitarist and in her 20’s, formed a female duo called Charizma.  Music was her full time career for about ten years, traveling all over the country performing the current radio hits as well as some original music.

    In the 80’s, she moved to the Los Angeles area where she continued with her music, did some acting in films and TV, some voice over work and completed a 600 hour recording class at Los Angeles Recording Workshop in North Hollywood.

    Beth continues with as many artistic endeavors as she can.

Contact us:     Betty Lougaris (Director) 702-255-1179   Beth Toy (President 2015-2016)  702-353-8546

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Media Guilds International:

Jet Ski (Commercial)

Mini Demos:

Compilation demo 1:26

Full Demos:

Perla Ad (Seductive voice)

Peggy Sue's Diner (Country voice)

Sandy & Topsy (TV promo & chimp voice)

Sleeping Pills (Medicaton PSA)

New York Life (Commercial)

Daddy's Girl (Child character)

Medical Tag (Announcement)

Skin Therapy (Commercial)

Singular Cell Phone (Commercial)

Jingles/TV Themes:

James Taylor Live (Concert commercial)

Original Music:  

All songs written, sung & produced by Beth

What Is Christmas For


The Lady Who Made Us Dream

(In memory of Karen Carpenter)

Starting To Love

Children's songs

Let's Go To The Circus

Miss Honey

The Zoo

USA Beep

(jingle aired in L.A. 1993)

Personal contact:  702-353-8546


She is currently a video and audio engineer at Vegas All Net Radio in Las Vegas.