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Betty Lougaris, MGI Executive Director, announced today

that Media Guilds International received $20,000.00

in seed money to begin production on a film documenting

the founding and building of the Ioannis A. Lougaris

Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in Reno, Nevada.

The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, feels the

project has significant historical importance since it

was founded by a World War I Veteran who immigrated

to America from Greece in 1907. The first pre-production

meeting held in  February, 2012. Ms. Lougaris indicates

that other sources for funding will have to be found

to bring the film to completion. The production budget

is set for $200,000.00. “ We will have to do some

intense work on finding grants to ensure that the

production is one of quality. I will enlist the help

of those who can help in this effort,” said Ms. Lougaris.



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