Media Guilds International
Nevada's Non-Profit source for Voice-Over and On-Screen talent

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Here are some of our talent. See the Talent Link for more information on our talent.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this association is to bring together in common bond those persons who work in, are a part of, or are interested in the media arts and the elevation and enrichment of the media arts and all related arts through seminars, workshops, media competitions, and special projects. Its further purpose is for members to work together using their unique talents and abilities to engage in fund-raising projects to assist diverse charities in their work. It shall also strive to bring together an exchange of ideas and efforts in the media arts from other countries.

Specifically this organization is organized to:

  • Provide a forum to discuss ideas for assisting charitable organizations with their efforts through the use of media arts.
  • Educate MGI members to increase their skills in the Voice-Over industry and other related performing arts fields.
  • Encourage and promote MGI members to contribute their talent in the Voice-Over industry.